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Deep Moisturizing Day Cream - SPF 10 - 100 ml

Deep Moisturizing Day Cream - SPF 10 - 100 ml

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freccia.jpg Water resistant moisturizing face cream

Extraordinarily light and easily absorbed, it makes use of formulas rich in precious ingredients that strengthen the natural defenses of the skin and ensure a moisturizing-refreshing, restructuring, revitalizing, anti-dryness and anti-aging treatment. It protects the face from the aggressions of the sun, the wind, the salt, the chlorine of the swimming pools and simple tap water, thanks to the sunscreen inserted in the formula. It guarantees the right protection from the sun's rays, without obstructing the tan. Attenuates burning and redness enhancing the brightness of the tan and preserving the youthfulness of the skin. Suitable for all skin types. It balances, restructures and revitalizes stressed skin, promotes the regeneration of the basement membrane and prevents cellular damage, maintains the optimal level of hydration by fighting dryness, exfoliation and roughness and improving the softness, elasticity and brightness of the skin.