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The Ancient Terme of Belliazzi

On the historical sources of Gurgitello

Thermal establishment with ASL agreement for thermal mud therapy and inhalation treatments

The Terme Belliazzi are the oldest spa on the island of Ischia and the only ones built on the Historic Source of Gurgitello. Since the times of Ancient Rome the therapeutic properties of the waters of Gurgitello spring were appreciated and used. Pliny the Elder, in a treatise on the island's thermal springs, mentions the therapeutic properties of Gurgitello spring, experienced by the soldiers stationed in Pozzuoli who came to the island to refresh themselves from the war campaigns.

After the testimony of Pliny, in 1500, a doctor on duty at the Spanish court in Naples, Giulio Jasolino, draws up a new map of the island's thermal springs and therapeutic characteristics of each; describes the source of Gurgitello as a miraculous source for the amazing successes obtained with the use of its water and its mud. Other important scientific writings are those of A. D'Avalos 1757, Andria 1783, Chevalier De Rivaz and other writers who have studied the benefits of thermo-mineral waters.

The source of Gurgitello is composed of alkaline water, hyperthermal at 64 ° C and contains: sodium and calcium bicarbonate, sodium and potassium chloride, sodium sulphate, bromine, fluorine, iodine, arsenic, titanium, manganese, lithium and other substances. 

The factory Thermal Baths of Ancient Terme Belliazzi combines the properties of thermal water with the benefits of aesthetic treatments. These are customized with the use of our exclusive products from Ischia Le Terme della Bellezza srl company and designed to offer moments of well-being and relaxation.

To integrate and enhance the benefits of precious mineral waters, it is possible to carry out complementary treatments such as massages which can be of different types: circulatory, anti-stress, lymphatic drainage, ajurvedic, shiatsu, reflexogenic, each of them with different healing characteristics.The person will be advised adequately by the doctor.

The Belliazzi factory has an agreement with the ASL and therefore it is  possible to carry out spa treatments paid by the NHS with the simple presentation of the general practitioner's request.

The affiliated therapies are: mud and baths, therapeutic baths, inhalation treatments, vaginal irrigations.